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Bridging Finance Mortgage Advice in Cardiff


Finding you the Bridging Finance deal

If you are considering taking out a bridging loan in Cardiff and want to know what your options are and which path to take. We can look at your review your options and recommend the suitable action you should take. Our Mortgage Brokers in Cardiff can help.


With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have a lot of experience in assisting customers in finding appropriate and competitive bridging mortgage deals that apply to their situation.


Bridging advisor in Cardiff

We have a team of Bridging Advisors in Cardiff who will search 100's of deals using our large panel of lenders. If you are satisfied with our recommendation, we will begin the mortgage process and assist you with your bridging application.


We at EMWales we believe that our customers are at the heart of our business, and we will always recommend the best path for them to take. It may be the best cause of action to look at alternative finance methods such as personal loans, but we will always advice of the best course of action depending on your personal circumstances.

We recommend that anyone who contacts us take advantage of the free mortgage consultation that we provide to all of our customers. This free review will assist us in finding you a suitable product.


For more information, contact a reputable, open, and honest Mortgage adviser in Cardiff today, and we'll assess your current situation to see how we can assist you with your Bridging requirements.

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Bridging finance Mortgage Advice Cardiff

As a bridging finance broker in Cardiff, we often see individuals and businesses who are looking for short-term financing options for property transactions. A bridging loan is a type of loan that bridge the gap between buying and selling a property, or when more traditional forms of financing are not immediately available.

Short-term financing 

Bridging finance is a quick and flexible financing solution for clients who need funding for a short period of time, such as between purchasing a property and selling their current property.

Speed and convenience

Bridging finance can be approved quickly, often within a few days, and can provide clients with the funds they need to proceed with a property purchase or other project. This is usually helpful if a sale has fallen through and you would like to continue with your purchase and looking for finance for 'bridge' the gap or if you would like to purchase a property at auction.

Access to funds

Bridging finance can give clients access to funds that they might not be able to get through traditional lending methods like a mortgage or loan. As a Cardiff mortgage advisor, we will provide you with all the options available to you.

No Credit Checks

Bridging finance, unlike traditional lending methods, often does not require credit checks or other extensive documentation, making it an ideal solution for clients with less-than-perfect credit.


Bridging finance can be used for a variety of purposes, such as purchasing a home, financing a renovation project, or covering unexpected expenses.

Finally, bridging finance can be a useful tool for customers in Cardiff who require quick and flexible financing for their property or business needs. As a mortgage advisor in Cardiff, we can assist clients in understanding the advantages and disadvantages of bridging finance and determining whether it is the best solution for their needs.


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Our simple 4 step process

② Agreement in Principle - this document will act as proof of funds, allowing you to make an offer on a property.

① initial consultation - your chance to understand the process and ask any questions.

 Offer Accepted - When a seller accepts your offer to purchase, we will begin submitting the full mortgage application.

④ Instruction - We will instruct the valuers, solicitors and liase with all parties to make the process as smooth as possible

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