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Commercial Mortgage Advice in Cardiff


Finding you the best commercial mortgage deals

If you are nearing the end of your fixed term and want to know what your options are and which path to take. We can look at your review your options and recommend the suitable action you should take. Our Mortgage Advisor in Cardiff can help.


With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have a lot of experience in assisting customers in finding appropriate and competitive Remortgage deals that apply to their situation.


Commercial Mortgage advisor in Cardiff

We have a team of Commercial Advisors in Cardiff who will search 100's of deals using our large panel of lenders. If you are satisfied with our recommendation, we will begin the mortgage process and assist you with your commercial mortgage application.

We recommend that anyone who contacts us take advantage of the free remortgage appointment that we provide to all of our customers. 


For more information, contact a reputable, open, and honest Mortgage adviser in Cardiff today, and we'll assess your current situation to see how we can assist you with your Commercial mortgage needs.

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Commercial Mortgage Advice Cardiff

As a commercial mortgage broker in Cardiff we have assisted many different developers and business owners with their finances for commercial use. 

Customers may be looking to business a business pemisis, develop or convert a property, develop land or self build a property in cardiff. In any case, our quick and friendly mortgage advice team in Cardiff will be happy to look into your situation and find you the best mortgage deal for your needs.

Here are some of the more common mortgage scenarios encountered by our Cardiff commercial mortgage advisors in the past:

Purchasing a commercial premises in Cardiff

Purchasing a commercial property refers to the process of purchasing a property for commercial use. A commercial property can be used for a variety of purposes, including retail, office, industrial, and storage.

Buying a commercial property can be a complicated process that necessitates careful planning and expert knowledge. As a commercial mortgage broker, I can assist clients in navigating the process and locating the best financing options for their specific needs.

Property development in Cardiff

The process of improving, building, or constructing properties in Cardiff such as homes, commercial buildings, or other property related projects is referred to as property development. Acquiring land, obtaining planning permission, designing and building structures, and selling or renting the finished properties are all examples of property development activities.

Property developers goal is to create new properties that are appealing to buyers, tenants, or investors, as well as to generate profits. Property development is a complicated and often expensive process that necessitates meticulous planning and expert knowledge in fields such as architecture, construction, engineering, and finance.

As a commercial mortgage broker in Cardiff, we assist clients in obtaining financing for property development projects by connecting them with lenders and locating loan solutions that meet their specific needs and goals. Throughout the loan process, we also provide expert advice and support, assisting clients in navigating the complex and challenging world of property development.

Self build property in Cardiff

A self-build is a process in which an individual or a group constructs their own home rather than purchasing an existing property or having a contractor construct it for them. Self-construction can take many forms, ranging from traditional building methods to more innovative approaches, such as the use of prefabricated materials or sustainable building techniques.

The goal of a self-build is to create a one-of-a-kind and personalised home that meets the individual's or team's specific needs and preferences. This frequently necessitates extensive design and planning work, as well as obtaining the necessary permits, materials, and labour.

As a commercial mortgage adviser in Cardiff, we assist clients in obtaining financing for self-build projects by connecting them with lenders and locating loan solutions that meet their unique needs and objectives. 

Purchasing land

As a commercial mortgage advisor in Cardiff, we have helped tons of clients purchase land for a variety of reasons including, building properties, using the land as a farm, storage and holiday sites to name a few.

Obtaining finance to purchase land can be complex and confusing, we work with a variety of lenders who specialise in such transactions and can help you navigate your way through the process. 

Converting a house into flats in Cardiff

converting a house into flats in Cardiff can offer a variety of benefits, from increased rental income to potential capital growth. As a mortgage advisor in Cardiff, I can help clients find the financing they need to make their conversion project a success and provide expert advice and support throughout the process.


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Our simple 4 step process

② Agreement in Principle - this document will act as proof of funds, allowing you to make an offer on a property.

 Offer Accepted - When a seller accepts your offer to purchase, we will begin submitting the full mortgage application.

① initial consultation - your chance to understand the process and ask any questions.

④ Instruction - We will instruct the valuers, solicitors and liase with all parties to make the process as smooth as possible

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